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Let us do the cooking! Contact us today for all your catering needs and be sure to include information about your event:

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Catering Menu

What's For Dinner

All dinners come with buns, 2 BBQ sauces & pickled jalapeños

2 Smoked Meats

with choice of 2 sides

$14.50 perperson

Add bbq riblets for $5.00 per person

2 Smoked Meats

with choice of 3 sides

$16.50 per person

Add bbq riblets for $5.00 per person

Hickory Smoked Meat

Smoked Pork or Chicken

$14.00 per pound


$16.00 per pound

Smoked Whole Chicken Wings

$30.00 per dozen

Pork, Beef, or Chicken Sliders

$40.00 per dozen

Side Options

Smoked Beans

Cole Slaw

Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese


Texas Caviar

Chips ‘n Salsa

Chips ‘n Queso

Tex Mex Bars

20 Person Minimum

Chips ‘n Dips

1/2 pan - serves 20-25

Salsa Rojo or Verde $30.00 |  Mango Salsa $40.00 |  Signature Queso $30.00 | Queso Diablo $35.00 | Tequila Queso $40.00 |  Bacon Mac & Cheese $45.00 |  Chorizo & Salsa Verde Queso $45.00 |  Tex Mex Layer Dip $45.00 |  Guacamole $55.00

Taco Bar

Smoked Chicken | Smoked Beef or Pork | Smoked Jalapeño & Mango Salsa |  Sautéed Poblanos & Onions | Queso | Pickled Jalapeños & Onions | Texas Caviar | Flour Tortillas | BBQ Sauces | Chips & Salsa

$14.00 per person

Nacho and Slider Bar

Smoked Chicken | Smoked Beed or Pork | Sweet and Spicy Slaw | Sauteed Poblanos and Onions | Salsa Rojo and Verde Queso | Pickled Onions and Jalapenos | Tortilla Chips | Slider Buns | BBQ Sauce | Pico de Gallo  

$16.00 per person


Grass-fed Beef Patties | Caramelized Onions and Poblamnos | Sauteed Portobellos | Hocikory Bacon | Queso | Pickled Onions and Jalapenos | Salty BBQ Sauces | Buns | Chips and Salsa

$16.00 per person 

Add Smoked Beans or Cole Slaw $2.00 per person

Choice Grill

20 Person Minimum

$23.00 per person

Grilled Smoked Chicken Wings

Angus Burgers

Smoked Pork

3 BBQ Sauces

Smoked Beans

Cole Slaw

Seasonal Dessert

Select Grill

20 Person Minimum 

$26.00 per person

Choice Grill

Smoked Beef

Mac & Cheese

Prime Grill

20 Person Minimum

$30.00 per person

Add a Salad or Smoke Corn on the Cob $4.00 per person

Select Grill

Chargrilled Texas Oysters

BBQ Riblets